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Here's what people are saying about Eyes to the Sky:

"The amount of WWI history you learn is incredible, and what a fun way to learn it!"


"I received my copy in the noon mail, and finished reading it by dinner time."


"My children and I are enjoying reading it together.  It's super exciting!"


"It's a tremendous story.  I'm sorry I waited so long to read it."


"I started reading Eyes to the Sky, by Charles B. Lutz, and was immediately drawn into the story.  An historical fiction based on the lives of young American soldiers in WWI, it gives the times and lives of the characters a vibrant reality.  As the son of a pastor, a service member, and a Christian – I was able to relate in very real ways with one character in particular. Throughout the book, I was often able to understand and relate to the feelings and perspectives presented for “Herk” throughout the narrative.  I plan to read this book with my children as well; a fun, honest, and realistic story that I highly recommend."

-LCDR W. A. Russell, Commanding Officer USS CHIEF (MCM 14)

"Eyes to the Sky offers an exciting glimpse into the pivotal tactics used in WWI that are so easily overlooked in this era of technology.  The author pulls you into the story, and you become a witness to the brave men who put their eyes in the sky over a mile high in a flammable balloon tethered by a single cable. This precarious vantage allowed their fellow ground troops to be effective, helped keep them out of harm's way, and turned the tide of a war that would have altered the world. The history is captivating enough; but the relationships, faith, and personal insight make the book truly rich. This book definitely challenges the mind on how much technology has changed in one lifetime."

-Mike W., Family Dentist and School Board Chairman


"The opening sequence draws the reader in. Beautiful description of nature and European locales make the story come alive. Human relationships and experiences remove the blank face of the American doughboy fighting far from home. Words of faith leap off the page and compel the narrative. Text flows and the action is fast-paced.  This book is a World War I story that needed to be told.  Herkimer Hudson, aka “Count”, is the author’s grandfather. I enjoyed reading EYES TO THE SKY immensely.  This book is an easy-read novel that anyone with faith in God and interest in history will enjoy. Best of all, you get a bird's-eye view!"

-Angela C., Public Librarian and Church Pianist


"Once I began reading, Eyes to the Sky, by Charles B. Lutz, I had a hard time putting it down. This historical fiction is based on the lives of two bold solders serving their country during Word War I, and draws the reader into the fascinating challenges faced by observation balloonists. You will find yourself cheering for Royce and Herk as they risk their lives flying above the front lines of battle. All eyes are definitely to the sky as their balloon is fired upon by an enemy fighter pilot. You will be moved by two very different destinies, yet how Royce and Herk each finds his way home to their Heavenly Father."

-Cheryl L., Pastor’s Wife, Writer, and Lay-Counselor 

"Just finished reading a terrific novel,  Eyes To The Sky.  As a retired  social studies teacher, I found the book to be both entertaining and fact-filled.  Without a doubt, middle school and high school students alike will find this novel based on historical facts to fit with curriculum pertaining to WWI.  The author has skillfully included numerous historical facts, while creating an easy to read suspense story that lends itself  to classroom discussions.  I highly recommend this book, especially in the arena of Christian education."

-Lee E., Social Studies Teacher and School Principal, Retired


"I thoroughly enjoyed Eyes To The Sky by Charles B. Lutz. The action scenes were gripping and the story lines of the two main characters were very well written and kept my interest throughout. I learned much WWI history and felt the presence of the Lord woven throughout the narrative. I highly recommend Eyes To The Sky as a read for both learning & entertainment. It's a winning combination!"

-Daniel A. Tomlinson, M.D. Author: Birth Pangs: How Pregnancy Reveals God's Plan for the Ages & On The Road To Emmaus: Seeing Jesus in the Old Testament

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