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American Balloon Service Of World War I

An Inspiring True Story

Eyes to the Sky is an exciting novel that dives into the American Balloon Service of World War I. Told through the eyes of two American balloon lieutenants, this incredible story details their adventures as they become true American heroes. Along the way, readers learn about the observation balloons and the important role they played in military reconnaissance operations. From securing much-needed supply depots, to directing artillery fire, and playing a pivotal role in winning major battles. These brave balloonists helped shape history with their daring feats of courage.

The American Balloon Service of World War I was an invaluable tool used by the American Expeditionary Forces (AEF). During this time, observation balloons were deployed to scout out enemy positions and relay information back to headquarters and batteries on the ground. The pilots operating these balloons braved harsh conditions as they flew high into the sky, watching for enemy movements and gathering critical intelligence. These brave observers provided an essential service to the Allied forces, aiding in victory after victory during the war.

The balloons themselves were made of a rubberized cotton fabric, designed to be lightweight yet durable. They were equipped to accurately observe enemy positions at altitude, but they were susceptible to enemy air attack and were highly flammable, being filled with explosive hydrogen gas. The observers were stationed in a wicker basket which hung from the underside of the balloon. From there they could survey the battlefield and transmit information to troops on the ground. In dire circumstances, they would be ordered to jump out of the basket and rely on their primitive parachutes to transport them safely back to earth.

The American Balloon Service of World War I was an indispensable part of the Allied military's success during the conflict. The brave pilots who operated these balloons provided invaluable service, risking their lives for their country and playing a key role in the Allied victory. Today, the American Balloon Service continues to be remembered and honored for their service and sacrifice in World War I.

Eyes to the Sky is a captivating novel that provides an insightful look into the American Balloon Service of World War I, making it an informative and exciting novel for all ages to learn more about this important period in American history.

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